About Goboro

Why buy something that you will use only once or for a couple of times when you can rent it? or in this case “GOBORO” it!  Just imagine that your entire city is your best next door neighbor, who you can rent from.  GOBORO is that place where you can browse anything which your city has to offer for rent in an hourly, daily or monthly basis. Anything from a drill or heavy equipment to a vehicle to do your weekly shopping. 


Yes that is GOBORO – a new and rising community of renters and borrowers. Where our world is our own neighborhood. We bring all that the community has to offer right to your fingertips in one market place.


You can use GOBORO to list anything from tools, costumes and bikes to houses and even boats! Items that are just sitting out in your garage or in your wardrobe. If you have seasonal items you are thinking of letting go - think again, GOBORO can be an outlet where you can earn from renting them to your neighbor. If you need an item that you dont see in our listing, you can post it here and wait for someone to connect with you.

With GOBORO, you can build community and build your bank account!



To provide an online market place where anyone can list anything for rent within the reach of his/her community.

To promote a minimalist lifestyle where you just rent items that you will use only once or few times.

To give life to items that are just sitting and being ignored in your garage or household.


Why Do We Exist?

We wanted to create an online community that believed the best way to help lower our carbon footprint is to buy less.
Neighbors have been our go-to when we are missing that perfect tool for the job -- Now an entire city could be your neighbor!