Frequently asked questions
What is GOBORO all about?

GOBORO is an online community marketplace where you can: (1) LIST items that you have and RENT it to someone in your neighbourhood. By listing it you are giving your items another chance and help out other people who can use it temporarily for a small fee. It could be power tools for DIY-ers, or an extra room for-out-of-towners, or even a boat for a father who wants to take his kid for fishing. Anything can be listed and you can list as many as you want (2) POST items you WANTED to rent within your vicinity. If you are looking for an item which you think you might use only a few times, why buy it for full price when you can rent it from someone in your community.

Why should I use GOBORO?

We offer a secure platform for you to either save money renting an item from someone in your community; or earn money renting an item to one of your neighbors! Our platform is secure and a perfect way to lend or borrow from those within your very own town, city, or county. The resources it takes to manufacture and distribute new consumer goods is quite high. With GOBORO you are helping to decrease your impact on our earth. So, GOBORO instead of go and buying! Save money and save the planet.

How does payment system work ?

GOBORO has partnered with Stripe Online Payment System. Visit STRIPE.COM for more details. (1) The Lister is required to open an account with Stripe by filling up the form in the Payment page in his GOBORO account. The Lister needs to set this up so the payment from the renters will be deposited to that account. The information needed are required by Stripe and not by GOBORO. Visit STRIPE.COM to find out more about the information they have required to open an account. (2) When an item is listed at GOBORO, the Lister has to decide the most reasonable amount as rental fee and if a cash deposit is required. The Lister is also suggested to list in details his terms and conditions when renting his item. (3) When someone is interested to rent the item, he can either reserve the item, or rent it immediately but it is suggested to chat with the Lister first if he has questions or want to negotiate the rent fee. (4) When the item is finally rented, the renter pays the whole amount in any credit or debit card that he is comfortable using. It is suggested that the Deposit (if any) be given in CASH only to the Lister. (5) Be aware that STRIPE has small fees and is like any other online payment systems. Visit STRIPE.COM (6) GOBORO is currently not charging any service fees.

Does Stripe take transaction charges?

Visit for their transaction charges. We did a research and this is a lot better than any other payment system that are out there.

Do you take a commission from the rent?

Currently, we are not taking any commission from the rent money as we are still at an early stage on this platform. We will be adding more features along the way and develop the mobile apps in the near future. But first we are committing that this website is user friendly and hopefully to be helpful to everyone.

What should I do if the item I rented was returned with damages?

(1) As a Lister, it is suggested to have a detailed terms of agreement and acknowledged by the renter. Do the due diligence to record the current state of the item and what is expected when it is returned. If the item has damages, you may decide if you want to keep the deposit and use that money for repair. (2) As a Renter, you have to acknowledge the terms of agreement of the Lister and make sure to inspect the item before taking it.

Is it safe to rent high-valued item such as vehicles or house?

If you are renting a high-valued item,you may need to ask a copy of a government issued ID, take his photo, contact details and then ask for the appropriate security deposit. You will have to make sure that the renter agrees to your terms and conditions.

What is security deposit and how much should I ask for?

A security deposit is a deposit of money to the Lister to ensure that item is returned and in the condition as it was picked-up. In case there is any damages caused by the Renter, this money can be used for the repair for the item and other responsibilities as detailed in the Terms of agreement. You can decide the amount of the security deposit. You may use the market value of the item also. This is all up to the Lister. GOBORO will not be responsible for the loss or any expenses made for the repair of the items damaged. You may also consider buying insurance for your high-valued item.

As a lister, do I need to put my personal info in the account details?

If you are the Lister, you will have to fill-up a form to setup your Stripe Account This is required even before you can add your items for rent. We assure you that GOBORO will not keep any private and sensitive personal information like your SIN and bank accounts. Stripe is a very secured payment system. As per our research - there are 4,400+ companies that are using Stripe. Here are some of the popular names: Target, Wish, Blue Apron, Kik, Lyft, Shopify, Asana, Salesforce, Task Rabbit, Adidas, Affirm, Fancy, Squarespace, Dribbble, Slack, Rackspace, Spring, The Guardian, Facebook, Instacart. The only information that GOBORO will keep is your name, address, email address and phone number. These are required so you can receive notification from interested renters and your location should be known to the renter where he/she can pick-up the item.

How do I make sure that the item I rented from me will be returned?

If you are listing an item, you could ask for a security deposit for the item. It is suggested to be CASH only, or you can be creative by ask the renter for any item he is willing to leave with you as collateral. You can decide on how much the value of the deposit/collateral you are comfortable with. If the item doesn't come back, you can keep the deposit/collateral and rent. Please do due diligence while deciding how much of a security deposit you will ask for. You should provide the renter your precise Terms of Condition and make sure the Renter agrees with it.

I'm a Renter, can I negotiate with the Lister?

Yes, you will have a chat button. You can click the chat button and talk to the Lister. If there will be a change in the Rent amount, the Lister needs to update his listing so the amount due will be updated as well.

How do I pay the deposit and the rent?

Deposit is something that the Lister decides if he/she requires it or not. We suggest that it should be in CASH only and will depend on its market value. As a renter, you can discuss this with the Lister via the chat feature. Once you agree with the Lister, then you can finally either reserve (recommended) or rent the item and you can pay with your credit or debit card. When you reserve an item which we highly recommend, you can meet the Lister and check the item being rented. If you are happy with it then you can pay him via our platform using your credit or debit card. Your deposit should be returned to you as soon as the item is returned.